Doc. Dr. Hedda Martina Šola is Croatian Women of Influence Award Winner 2019. She has been listed in the International Encyclopaedia written by R. Hübner, entitled “Who is Who in Croatia“(2015) among the leading marketing experts in Croatia. She drew on her rich twenty-year professional experience in marketing at strategic positions within different companies as a Board Member for Marketing. She held the position of Vice-Dean for business cooperation and international relations at the University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management, and today she is Director General of the “Institute for Neuromarketing” in Croatia and Associate Professor at the Oxford Business College, UK. She is also the advisor to leading companies to the market and working with top Universities worldwide on various neuromarketing research projects. Today, she working in the 5th most cited publisher among the 20 largest publisher in the world „Frontiers“, as a Review editor in the „Frontiers in Neuroergonomics“.

She is also a regular guest at international conferences and congresses where she gladly gives lectures in two foreign languages. To this day, she has advised more than 100 different companies on how to develop their brands, strengthen their market position in terms of strategy, and to reposition themselves in the market. She has also published more than 30 scientific and professional papers on the topic of marketing and neuromarketing, peer-reviewed at both national and international level.

She worked for the Government of the Republic of Croatia (TIPA) where she was responsible for marketing development at the national level and is the author and co-author of several marketing projects supported by the Croatian Government, as well as of the marketing strategy of various towns and municipalities. She was educated in Croatia and the USA (Cleveland State University, FIAS- Washington DC, Cambridge Wealth Management), as well as at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, at which she obtained her specialisation in neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience.

She is the author of the first book on neuromarketing published in Croatia under the title “Marketinška oružarnica“. She has won numerous awards and recognitions, and her passion for marketing and science has led her to the doctorate in Economic Science with specialisation in Neuromarketing. She graduated at a Postgraduate doctoral course in socio-economic sciences and obtained the title: Doctor of Economic Sciences (Ph.D.), which led her to holds the academic rank of Docent (Associate Professor) at the Herzegovina University. She is also a permanent expert witness for marketing and intellectual property rights cases at the County Court in Zagreb and a much quoted interlocutor in the media. She is fluent in three foreign languages: English, Italian and Russian.

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