1. STRATEGIC MARKETING (strategic marketing, market research, plans),
2. PRODUCT (development of product, import of product, redesigning existing products),
5. MARKET COMMUNICATION (TV spot, wall posters, digital marketing, promotional materials),
6. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (sign, mark, name, design, brands)

Why do I need a Marketing Court witness?

Unfortunately, most people don’t see the benefits of hiring a Marketing Court witness, unless they end up in court. If you have already ended up in court, then either the court has hired a Court witness or you/the opposition has suggested one to the law firm and everybody impatiently waits for the witness’ opinion. But, why a Marketing Court witness?

Here are a few examples (and if you answer on 1 of 10 questions with a YES, then you need a Marketing Court witness):

  1. You want to sell/buy a company but you do not know how much worth is the company’s brand?
  2. A marketing agency has made a market campaign but you are not sure if it complies with legislation on the market? (Namely, 80 different laws regulate the market communication in Croatia and you would be surprised how many marketing agencies do not follow these laws – follow the basic, but not all 80!)
  3. You want to protect a name, logo, product brand, and you do not know how?
  4. You have protected a name/mark/logo and noticed that another party unwarrantedly uses a similar name/logo/mark looks like your ones and you do not know whether your rights have been violated or not?
  5. You have made a website of your company but the competition has made a similar one that perceptively is very remindful of your website and is stealing your customers?
  6. You are working with a supplier that sets you up with an unreal market price by contract so he/she could secure themselves a leading position on the market (monopoly, oligopoly, cartel)?
  7. You came up with your product design and marketing slogan, but you are not sure if you have done everything legitimately in a way that the opposition does not sue you?
  8. You have a promotional TV spot because you are aiming at the same consumer share of goods as your opposition, but you are not sure whether the TV spot is legitimate in a way that the opposition does not sue your company
  9. You want to have your company’s expert analysis of marketing plans scanned.
  10. Disloyal opposition has ruined your business and you need an assessment of the damage occurred.

11, 12, 100. … and a lot more!
If you have found yourself in some of the above-mentioned questions or you have not had the problem disclosed here, or you are not sure if a Marketing Court witness could help you, feel free to contact me. Click on „Contacts“.