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How many times have you been to the mall and you bought a product that you had no intention to buy in the first place? How many times have you bought the same product because you find a specific brand to be great?

Do you know why Mini Cooper was more desirable than Ferrari in 2002? None of these is a coincidence. Big brands such as Google, Disney, Facebook, Apple and similar have been using neuromarketing techniques for years.

The book ‘Neuromarketing Armoury’ represents the real armoury which can provide you with a different view of marketing, and, most importantly, you can apply the tricks of the trade given in the book to your business!If you like: “Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy”, then you’ll like “Neuromarketing Armoury” for a first sight! This book is not intended to be read in one sitting since it will certainly leave you breathless, but as a manual you will use in day-to-day business, reading the chapters you find essential for your business activity. The book also contains numerous tests which may help boost your brain’s creativity in solving marketing problems (determining the retail price, market positioning, product design etc.), as well as a number of techniques assistant professors can utilise in their exercises at the faculty. This book will teach all of you who have been in business for a long time now the marketing practice tricks! To all of you who are studying, it will serve as additional bibliography worth reading and aimed at training you in marketing!

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