The book Neuromarketing Armoury is finally published and is now available for purchase! This edition is going to be the hottest book of the year! Learn the latest marketing war tactics and arm yourself with knowledge! Get a peek into the world of neuromarketing and find out why, when you see a Mini Cooper, what you actually see is a small Bambi! Did you know that you love your iPHONE, literally?! This is not a coincidence!


To this day, the book has been translated into two foreign languages and is being sold in Croatia, the USA, the UK and in EU member countries. The book has remarkable reviewers: Dr. Peter Steidl, Principal at Neurothinking, Dr. Benny B. Briesemeister, CEO Neurospective GmbH and NMSBA Neurotalent of the Year 2015 are just some of the valuable reviewers! Neuromarketing Armoury is part of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association Publication Series what makes this book worth reading!


Let me get this straight, this book is not for everyone! This book is for all of you who are not afraid of finding out what science and marketing profession have been hiding and keeping to themselves! This book is intended for all “Smart Alecks“ in marketing. Now it’s time to find out what science and practice has revealing and hiding from you.

So make sure that you get your copy of the book today!

Neuromarketing Armoury – Interview with Hedda Martina Sola, M.Econ.