Doc. Dr. Hedda Martina Šola is the Director General of the Institute for Neuromarketing & Intellectual Property in Croatia and Research Coordinator at Centre For Applied Research And Entrepreneurship (CARE) at Oxford Business College, UK. She is a Review editor in Frontiers in Neuroergonomics, the fifth most cited publisher among the 20 largest publishers in the world and Associate Professor at Swiss School of Business and Management in Switzerland. Thanks to the Oxford Business College students, she has been selected as a top finalist in the Global Woman Corporate Award 2021.

She is the holder of several international awards and has won recognition for her work. We would emphasis the Croatian Women of Influence Award Winner 2019 and Hübners “Who is Who in Croatia” 2015 when she was listed as one of the leading marketing/neuromarketing experts in the Republic of Croatia. Her name is linked to several visual identities of cities and municipalities, as well as strategic marketing plans, brands, and strategies adopted in various companies worldwide. She published her “Neuromarketing Armoury“ book in two languages and has more than 30 scientific and professional studies in the marketing/neuromarketing discipline. She is also a permanent expert witness for marketing and intellectual property rights cases in the County Court in Zagreb and an often-quoted interlocutor in the media.

In business, she drew on her rich twenty-five-year professional experience in marketing in strategic positions within different companies as a Marketing Board Member, CMO, Marketing Department Head, and Marketing Manager. In academia, she has held a variety of positions, such as the Vice-Dean for international cooperation, President/Member on the undergraduate/graduate Steering Committee, and a holder of many modules in various faculties/universities in Croatia.

She graduated from her postgraduate doctoral course in socio-economic sciences and obtained a  Doctor of Economic Sciences (PhD). After years of teaching, she obtained the academic rank of Docent (Associate Professor) at the Herzegovina University (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

She is a regular guest at international conferences and congresses, where she gladly gives lectures in two foreign languages. She is also the advisor to leading companies in the market and collaborates with top universities worldwide on various neuromarketing and marketing research projects. She was educated in Croatia, Europe, and the USA. She is fluent in three foreign languages English, Italian, and Russian, where her native language is Croatian. She is a member of various academic and professional bodies worldwide.

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